Private Charges Feb 23

Certain work undertaken at this practice is not covered by the NHS. This list summarises fees incurred for providing these types of services.

Description Details  £ 
Brief Certificate of incapacity No examination 25.00
Firearms Licensing letters Request for medical information from Police (Fee due from Patient) 54.00
Firearms Licensing (Full report) 104.00
Fitness To Travel Certificates EDD confirmation for pregnant ladies 35.00
Immunisation Summary Certificate This includes British Council, fitness to work abroad certificate 16.50
Letter (very simple letter) eg To whom it may concern 20.00
Letter Internship (more complex) eg To whom it may concern 40.00
Medical report ( HGV/PSV/Taxi report) With or Without Examination 135.00
Medical report no examination Insurance company report, fitness to work abroad, 133.00
Medical report with examination Insurance company report, employment medical, fitness to work abroad 250.00
Medical report with examination Adoption and fostering only (per person) 135.00
Driving licence countersign includes certification of orignal documents 28.00
Private consultation – 10 mins 55.00
Private consultation – hrly rate Including Home Visits 250.00
Private consultation – nurse (15 mins) 30.00
Private Prescription 15.00
Sickness/accident claims Includes mortgage, credit/store cards, holiday cancellation, travel fitness cert, BUPA/PPP claim form 40.00
Students Only
Camps Abroad Without examination up to 3 pages (£70 with Examination) 35.00
Campus Accommodation Single Form dictated letter 25.00
Medical report with examination Fitness to work abroad (ELECTIVES STUDENTS ONLY) 97.00
Medical report no examination Fitness to work abroad (ELECTIVES STUDENTS ONLY) 48.00
Medical Certificates (Sick note) 20.00