Have you had 2 MMR vaccines?

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MMR Vaccine will protect you against three infectious diseases: Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed three recent outbreaks in Leeds, Liverpool and now also in Birmingham.

There are currently large measles outbreaks across Europe, with Romania, Italy and Greece being the worst affected countries, and there is a continued risk of imported cases.

Measles is one of the most highly infectious communicable diseases.

Spending 15 minutes or more in direct contact with someone infected with measles can be significant and long enough to contract this illness.

Please ensure that you have had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine.

Most people will have been vaccinated in early childhood and the vaccines last for life.

If you have only received one dose or never been vaccinated you can book an appointment with one of the practice nurses at the Health Centre. This vaccine is free with the NHS.